Best Places to visit in Italy

Tourism in Italy


Italy is considered as one of the most beautiful, The tourism in Italy, hotel, travel agencies and information on touristic destinations artistically and culturally rich countries, in the whole world.This, when combined with the presence of a variety of receptive structures of every type and category, makes us unique.Foreign tourists consider this an irresistible combination and visit our artistic cities year-round, crowd our beaches during the summer months, and our mountain areas during the winter ones. Bluerental in Italy wants to be a guide for those who would like to know this country better, region by region, under every aspect, from the north to the south of this peninsula.On Bluerental Italy  “FOR ALL” you can find information regarding tourism in Italy, suggested itineraries, means of transportation and communication, typical products and the so-called wine and food weekends.

1. Genoa

Often overshadowed by the more well-known cities of Rome and Venice, Genoa is truly a hidden treasure! Set amongst the rolling hills of the Italian countryside, Genoa is a beautiful, classic Italian city with pastel coloured houses, topped with terracotta roofs. Winding streets, hanging gardens and stunning Roman ruins, Genoa has plenty for the visitor to admire.

 2. Rome

The capital city of Italy, Rome, is a modern and bustling city, surrounded by ancient history, wherever you look. There are literally ancient monuments everywhere: fountains, churches, palaces and roman ruins abound and, of course, there is the country within a city to visit, the Vatican. It’s not all monuments and museums, though; Rome also has a thriving night life and many fantastic restaurants.

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3. Milan

One of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan is one of the richest cities in Europe. Famed for its style and class, Milan has fantastic shopping and restaurants, as well as a rich artistic and cultural heritage.

 4. Venice

Best known for its labyrinth of canals, Venice is one the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. There are loads of attractions to see in Venice, with one of the most stunning being Saint Marks Basilica, one of Italy’s most breathtaking, majestic, domed cathedrals.

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