Sky Diving at Mount Everest

1. Mount Everest, Nepal

Everest Skydive, Sagarmatha National Park

Mount Everest Skydiving

 Just imagine jumping from above the heights of the world’s tallest mountain. Mount Everest skydiving spot is the most thrilling and the best to experience in the world. CNN News Channel ranked the skydive event at Mt. Everest at number 8 out of 50 as the one of the best Adventure Events organized throughout the world. Dropping off from a height of 23000 ft. is the world’s highest commercial aerial event in the world. Skydive event at Everest Skydive happens two to three times in a year, which requires prior registration to take part. The elite adventure sports offers solo and tandem skydive options and is one of the best to try in the world before you die.
Now this granddaddy of all bucket list adventures completes the list because in our opinion, it can’t get any more epic than this. Drop out of a helicopter while your 23,000 feet up in the air with the grand Mount Everest as your backdrop. Be warned, these jumps are PRICEY. Like ‘oh my god, I have to sell my kidneys’ kind of pricey, but hey, you can’t put a price on epicness. Prices start at around $22,000 for two jumps along with some trekking. You free fall to either Syangboche Airport which is 12,340 feel above sea level or to Ama Dablam Base Camp which sits 15,000 feet above sea level. Dubbed as an activity you have to do before you die, this is definitely a must for all adventure thrill seekers.

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